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During our training sessions, we share knowledge not only in the fields of negotiation, marketing, and market analysis, but above all about the broadly understood field of intercultural communication. 


During our meetings, we focus on active interaction, case studies, and simulations to provide you with practical experience that allows you to immediately implement the know-how gained.


The training is primarily aimed at managers and C-level executives interested in building more lasting relationships with East Asian business partners.


Language courses

We are redefining the concept of a “language course.” We tailor each educational cycle to the profile of your business. Whether you run a software house, brewery, or law firm, we create each course from scratch with your needs in mind, teaching you not only basic phrases but also industry-specific vocabulary in Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, demonstrating what you can learn from East Asian competitors.


We offer classes as quarterly/semi-annual benefits for employees, as well as regular sessions for public institutions and NGOs.


For us, translation is by no means a dry conversion of words. When translating orally and in writing into East Asian languages, we not only ensure faithfulness to the message but also remain attentive to cultural nuances.

We offer oral and written translations from/to Chinese and Korean. Ask us for a free quote for your text or language assistance during B2B meetings, delegations, or the installation of a new production line.


Pasję do gier pielęgnujemy od pierwszego kontaktu z klawiaturą. Tysiące godzin expienia w kultowych RPG-ach
i hektolitry łez radości po pokonywaniu bossów w pikselowych platformówkach sprawiają, że lokalizując kolejne tytuły na języki wschodnioazjatyckie czujemy się jak ryby w wodzie.

Lokalizujemy zarówno indyki, jak i tytuły z najwyższym budżetem. Konsultujemy nie tylko warstwę językową, ale także azjatyckie assety w grze – tak, żeby profil Twojego tytułu na Steamie nigdy nie utonął w fali negatywów!


Our Team

Simplicity—this value, alongside passion and professionalism, unites us as a team and guides every next step in our actions. We believe there are more common denominators than barriers between East Asian and European societies, and our mission is to build bridges of understanding—without stress and without hassle!

Sinolink is a collective of specialists providing support for companies interested in the so-called Sinosphere markets. We train, translate, localize, but above all, we bring people closer together and simplify the process of building strong relationships between you and your future business partners.

Moreover, we are a group of friends who love to learn new things in our free time, travel to the farthest corners of the world, and most of all, meet over Longjing tea from the first harvest or homemade witbier.

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Hi there! If you’re reading this, it means you’re taking the time to get to know who we are. Thank you for that. We have a surprise for you — click here! SEKRET– we promise you won’t be greeted by a singing Rick Astley, but rather something very practical in a business context related to the Sinosphere.

Stay in touch with us by filling out the form, and if (as the Chinese say) forms aren’t your favourite dish, let’s chat directly via email:

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